Origin of Bari Samaj

The Bari community get their name from the Sanskrit word “vari” meaning water. According to mythological texts, Bari were also known as sharaswat Brahmins in the era of Rama Of Ayodhya. Bari used to cook for Rama and called as “Bar”. Due to social problems Bari shifted to other sub clans which was associated with “Sisodiya” of Rajput clan in the middle age of india. In the history of Rajput Bari lost life for their king in the battlefield. Bari also claim descent from Rupan Bari,a soldier in the army of [alha udal].Rupan Bari details available in the folk song called Alha & very popular in southern uttarpardesh.

Bari spent many years in forest because of fear of killing by Mughals and their subordinates in india.Bari adopted business of leaves and started making “leaf Crockery”for their livehodd.Bari also do trading of Pan leaves in state of Maharastra & Madhya Pradesh. The Bari speaks the language of their region.Major population of Bari live the state Uttar Pradesh,Maharastra,Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Bihar.

Now the people of our community marching ahead with the progress & now we are found in government services, Business & other sectors. People of our community are now focused on education of their children & claim themselves as “kshtriya”. People of our community are now in business & working with other communities. Bari classified as OBC (Other backward class) in Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan, Haryana, & use the surname like Bari, Rawat, Singh, Prasad, singh & thakur.

Prominent Bari from the History :
  1. Veer Shiromani Rupan Bari.
  2. Veer Kirat Bari
  3. Raja shiv din singh Bari
  4. Veer tawakal bari
  5. Bhagwati Prasad Bari (freedom fighter)
  6. Mansh Ram Bari(Freedom Fighter)
  7. Ram Gulam Bari(Freedom Fighter)

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